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Many congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for racking up the sixth Formula one World Championship in the year 2019. A year characterized by the debut of young rookies proving their mettle with a performance, miles ahead from their age and experience, but Lewis kept the matters under control with his unmatched experience and performance.

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Lewis was born on January 7, 1985, at Hertfordshire, England. Starting with go-karts at an age of eight years only, Lewis wasted no time with toys. After that, there was no looking back, from his early age he showed massive potential to leave a mark in the history of the sport. When he was ten years old and not to forget, Go-karting champ, he told Ron Dennis (Mclaren Boss at that time) that he is going to race for him one day. It did happen when he was selected in the Mclaren young driver development first and then in 2007 he was in a formula one car.

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Fast forward to the present- he is a six times world champion with more yet to come. What made it possible? Let’s discuss some factors.

Formula one Success Factors

1. Driving Style

Lewis Hamilton has won 84 races in his career which is the second all-time high figure. This is a result of highly confident and aggressive overtakes on track combined with very clever pit-stop strategies formulated sometimes by Lewis himself while racing on the track. Starting with Go-Karting to Formula Renault series (2002) and Formula 3 Euroseries (2004) it took him just two years to win the championships. Following it he also won GP2 series (2006) in his first year itself. After that when Formula one dream came true, the title (2007) was taken away from him in his first year by just 1 point which he avenged in his next year by taking it away from Massa with the same 1 point in 2008.

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2. Persistence

On-track or Off-track Lewis is a very difficult man to be stopped. In his Mclaren days, even though the car was not in a very great condition in 2009 but he did not give up and with aero upgrades, he made sure the car was back on the podium. Even in races, he will keep peeking small gaps and push you until there is an error that opens the gate for him.

3. Intuition

Lewis Hamilton moved to Mercedes in 2013 at a time when it was considered to be a very unconventional choice as Mclaren was more admired, better performed and had a legacy. A little did people knew how drastically things will change and how Mercedes will become almost undefeatable in the turbo-hybrid era.

4. Competitive

As a kid, Lewis learned how to ride a unicycle and the reason behind it was the fact that his former Mercedes teammate and his karting rival Nico Rosberg could do that. He always wants to be the best at what he does be it playing guitar or his clothing brand partnership with Tommy Hilfiger and he considers focus as the biggest weapon to actuate that. And when you see his career with Mercedes, instead of relaxing after knowing the car he drives has some capabilities better than others on the grid, he pushes the hammer harder and harder every time and his fans just keep cheering and enjoying the hammer-time. The margin with which he takes the championship grows bigger and bigger each year, this year he broke the record of highest points earned in a single season with 413 points.

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5. Consistency

It has been the major contributor to the stack of accolades that Lewis has in his hall of fame. out of the 250 races he started he has finished in point in 213 races, which is 85.2%. Now to see what position it was, the record of maximum podiums in a single season is 17. Lewis has done it 4 times in the past 5 years. And no doubt that he has the highest all-time career points.

6. Dominating Personality

One of the most difficult places on the F1 grid is next to the 6 times world champion Lewis Hamilton. Some of the most prominent instances proving this point are the rookie season of Hamilton where he almost outperformed Fernando Alonso and the year 2016 when he was defeated by Nico Rosberg but then the whole world was shaken down when Nico announced retirement.

I hope the post gives you a  brief introduction to the Formula one legend and megastar, Lewis Hamilton. You can also check out more blogs on Opinion, technical, and  Formula One. Also, Let me know what you think about it in the comments.

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