Mobility Redefined by Audi at Frankfurt Auto Show (IAA)

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This years IAA was completely based on new solutions from the industry that can complement the sustainable future. All the manufacturers are replacing their portfolios with new BEV variants or adding some form of electrification that can aid their emission target. Audi tried to redefine mobility at the Frankfurt Auto Show by introducing a tailor-made solution for the customers based on the new Audi Intelligence (AI). “AI” is a combination of technical innovation and progressive new design.

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Mobility as a Service

Do we have enough Lithium-ion batteries?

Mobility Solutions

Audi showcased 4 new concepts, each of them being user-centered and efficiently designed to give the user all the space and convenience for a particular application. The customer can borrow one of the models for a limited time depending on his needs and change to a new model depending on the requirement.

The solutions showcased by Audi are


As the “CON” in the name suggests the model is for connected cars. The car can be used for long-distance travels in autonomous mode as the steering, pedals and dashboard buttons all of them are skipped. The interior focuses on the comfort of the passenger during travel to provide him with a bedroom like feel to relax and make the most of the time. The interiors are dominated with wide surfaces and screens. Not to miss, the boot space is huge to carry all you need.

AI:CON - TurbotextblogAI:CON - TurbotextblogAI:CON - Turbotextblog


The future models also have some bliss for the driving enthusiasts as we get models like these. The electric version of Audi R8 with a strong performance, designed for an optimal driving experience. The driving seat can be switched to the middle or shifted to the side when you have company. The sprint to 100 km/h comes just over 2 seconds. One strange thing in this model is the boot size which offers 470 liters of luggage space. This is a result of all the space-saving with an electric drivetrain.

AI:RACE - TurbotextblogAI:RACE - Turbotextblog


This is the model for the urban landscape. The car can be driven but has autonomous capabilities to make it more customer-friendly. When you engage the autonomous mode the steering folds back and a table comes out. The interior of the car is exquisite with temperature, ambient lights, and seat position. But you can find all these things in any car you buy today, then How is this car different? The user settings are configured as soon as you move in the car. The roof has living climbing plants that can give you a very calm atmosphere. The car comes with its own air management system that can make sure the polluted air stays out and you always have a fresh splash for you.

AI:ME - TurbotextblogAI:ME - Turbotextblog

AI:ME - Turbotextblog

AI: Trail

To explore the unexplored, Audi has showcased the futuristic off-roader. The body of the car is in the shape of a diamond and made out of glass. It gives the driver almost 360° view. The car has a low center of gravity with battery bed and there are four motors to offer Quattro drive to the drivers. The driver can use level 3 autonomous driving on forest roads and level 4 autonomy on paved streets. The rear row has two hanging chars which work on the same principle as a hammock. These chairs can even be carried off with the driver when he heads out. The use of natural material has been maximized to provide a connection between the two worlds. AI: Trail comes with five drones. Yes, Drones! They serve the purpose of getting the information about the coming terrain and lighting the path at the same time.

AI:TRAIL - TurbotextblogAI:TRAIL - Turbotextblog

I hope the post gives you an overview of the futuristic models from Audi. You can also check out more blogs on Opinion, technical, and  Formula One. Also, Let me know what you think about it in the comments.

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