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The new season of formula one(F1) is around the corner. Let’s get some warm-up for the season with all you need to know before it starts.  With the new rules making the design of the aero devices simpler and wider, the helmets getting stronger, gloves getting smarter, and the barge boards getting smaller, all to facilitate easy overtaking and make the races even more interesting.

The fuel allowance has also been increased to 110 kg, which is 5 g greater. But if you have a more efficient engine then, for every 5kg of weight you save, it’s about two-tenths of a second a lap quicker, so there is a natural reward to starting the race a little bit lighter.

This year we will also miss the rainbow of tire colors. Pirelli has cut down the variants to just three:

  • White- Hard
  • Yellow- Medium
  • Red- Soft

If you want to know more about the Formula one tracks, teams and drivers. Please visit:

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The Grid in 2019

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1- W10

The champions who are not defeated since the V6 turbo-hybrid era began and that led them to stack up six consecutive Drivers and Constructors championship. With the huge improvement in handling in last years W09, the problem that remained was the high wear of tires. The team worked hard on the suspension and aerodynamic characteristics to get a car that is not hard on the tires. It has retained the same wheelbase length.

  • Engine 

The cooling architecture of the power unit is changed to provide an aerodynamic benefit and increase the efficiency of the power unit. The Turbocharger, heat recovery system and kinetic energy recovery system are also synchronized to work effectively.

Mercedes AMG F1- TurboTextBlog

  • Drivers

“2018 was a great year, but I feel like 2019 can be even better. I want to achieve more, I want to continue to keep pushing. I feel energised and I’m ready to attack.”

-said five-time world champion #44, Lewis Hamilton

“I’m going to go all in this year.”

-said #77 Valtteri Bottas

Scuderia Ferrari- SF90

With major changes in team management and Mattia Binotto replacing Maurizio Arrivabene. The team is determined to win this year after missing out marginally in the last season.

We didn’t somehow win the 2018 season but there were lots of positives.

-said Mattia Binotto(Team Principal Ferrari)

  • Improvements

The new car is not a revolution but an improvised version of the last year’s car. The roll-hoop has been narrowed and the bodywork looks very slim at the back. The engine packaging of the car has also been reworked to improve cars aero efficiency. The width of the front wing has increased to 2 meters.

Scuderia Ferrari- TurboTextBlog

  • Drivers

#5 Sebastian Vettel

#16 Charles Leclerc

Williams Racing- FW42

Williams will use the Mercedes 1.6 Turbo hybrid engine. It is hard to say but the legends of formula one lagged behind at the last position in the last year. FW42 was late for the practice sessions due to some delays in schedule. It would be interesting to see how the  F2 champion, George Russell and Robert Kubica who is making his return, perform in this season. The team aims to target top for this season and ultimately lead to the podium.

Williams Racing- TurboTextBlog

  • Drivers

#63 George Russell

#88 Robert Kubica

Scuderia Toro Rosso- STR14

The team says STR14 is their most complex car ever made. Using the more powerful Honda engine, there are some surprises waiting for us this season. The integration of the chassis and engine has been fully optimized, thanks to Honda planning with Toro Rosso while developing the engine. Making the cooling system tight the volume is reduced and it gives aero guys more freedom to play with new ideas.

Toro Rosso- TurboTextBlog

  • Drivers

#23 Alexander Albon

#26 Daniil Kvyat

Renault F1 Team- R.S. 19

Finishing best of rest in the last season, the French company is ready to set sail this season with a brand new season. The biggest improvements come in the Kinetic generator unit, which is more reliable and 7 kg lighter. This year with drivers like Ricciardo if the Renault has even a spark of pace there will surely be some fire.

Renault F1 Team- TurboTextBlog

  • Drivers

#3 Daniel Ricciardo

#27 Nico Hulkenberg

Haas F1 Team- VF-19

Starting with the strategy to make a car out of parts bins of the experienced teams (mainly Ferrari) has paid off. This allows them to be lean and focus on development, rather than designing a thousand parts just to keep the car running. The journey from a debutant to a legit F1 competitor was very fast. Using the drivetrain from Ferrari and also the electronics. The exhaust of VF19 has been stacked vertically, which is unusual.

Haas F1 Team- TurboTextBlog

  • Drivers

#8 Romain Grosjean

#20 Kevin Magnussen

Alfa Romeo Racing- C38

The Sauber will be carried forward with the name Alfa Romeo. The team will use the Ferrari power unit. The C38 has a bigger wing, flat end plates, and underwing strake count down to two from five. The rear wing is taller, wider and simple that contributes to increased drag and strength of DRS. The power unit is the same as the previous year.

Alfa Romeo Racing- TurboTextBlog

  • Drivers

#7 Kimi Raikkonen

#99 Antonio Giovinazzi

Mclaren- MCL34

The papaya orange car is quicker in straight lines this year as seen in testing. With a very bad season with Honda in 2017, the team shifted to Renault last season but it was also not very pleasant. With the seamlessly talented Lando Norris as the driver, there is a lot to look up to this season to regain same lost points.

Mclaren- TurboTextBlog

  • Drivers

#4 Lando Norris

#55 Carlos Sainz

Racing point F1- RP19

This will be the first season for Racing point F1 after their purchase of Force India Formula One team. They will use the Mercedes engine with updates in the aerodynamics by front and rear wings.

Race Point F1- TurboTextBlog

  • Drivers

#11 Sergio Perez

#18 Lance Stroll

Red Bull Racing- RB 15

Launching the beast with a wild red and blue livery, Red Bull welcomed the Honda engines for the 2019 season. Red Bull also added interesting hanging vanes under the chassis. With a young driving pair, the team would be looking to turn the heat up but it would be interesting to see how much the loss of Ricciardo hurts the team.

Red Bull Racing- TurboTextBlog

  • Drivers

#10 Pierre Gasly

#33 Max Verstappen

hope the post gives you an idea about the Teams and the new rules. You can check also out more blogs on Opinion, technical, and  Formula One. Also, Let me know what you think about it in the comments.

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