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A dramatic incident took place recently in the world of motorsports when an F3 driver faced a horrific crash at Macau GrandPrixthat raised some considerations over the safety aspect of motorsports.

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Sophia Floersch German F3 driver lost control of her Van Amersfoortcar at 170 mph. It launched her car into the air over a rival’s car and into fences in the media section.

She sustained a fracture in the spine after the accident. The driver had to go through an eleven-hour surgery to make sure the situation is under control. She has been recovering well now after the crash.

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After getting well-wishes from famous personalities of the sport including Fernando Alonso, Nico Rosberg, and the FIA. The German driver took on Twitter to inform everyone about her condition after the crash.


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Frits van Amersfoort, team principal of Floersch’s team said:

The contradiction is that everyone knows the dangers, but most drivers also say that Macau is the most beautiful track in the world. That indicates how strange it sometimes is.

Dear God, everyone had an angel on their shoulders because it could have ended much worse.

After the surgery, Sophia thanked everyone for the get well soon wishes and to encourage and motivate her in her tough minutes in the car. To give his fans a ray of hope she also promised to be behind the wheel soon.

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The Japanese driver with whom Sophia crashed, Sho Tsuboi was also taken to the hospital for back pain and then released after treatment. Minami Hiroyuki, the photographer involved was also admitted with a concussion. A marshal, Chan Cha In, had a fractured facial bone and lacerations. Another photographer, Chan Weng Wang, had a liver laceration.

All the people involved in the crash are now safe and recovering well.

This incident tells us how fast things can go wrong when high-speed motor vehicles lose control. Taking the safety of the driver as a paramount the motorsports federations have also made various amendments to the shape size and design of the vehicles to ensure prominent adrenaline rush while watching an event but not at the cost of drivers life.

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I hope the post gives you an idea on the Speed and safety go hand in hand in motorsports. You can also check out more blogs on Opiniontechnical, and  Formula One.

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